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Settlers II 10th Anniversary
Anyone tried it?

It's just like the original, but with 3d graphics. I loved the original, but third and fourth didn't really appeal to me. The graphics are even more cute than in the previous ones. The landscape and the people are so disgustingly cute and colourful that it really starts looking cute to a big smelly man like me. Last night, when playing, I noticed that I was smiling. And I don't usually smile. And rarely when playing. But this game is so freaking me out. The cuteness is so yucky :ick: that it feels even more loveable :)

The game is like therapy, it calms you down. If you loved the original Settlers 2, you'll like this one too... :yes:
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Re: Settlers II 10th Anniversary
Been years since I played that game, I have the original disc lying around here.. somewhere. I never liked the Settler games after the second one, they sort of lost the novelty value of the game after that.
But that said.. I'll most likely give this one a try, even if just for the nostalgia :D


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Re: Settlers II 10th Anniversary
I loved the semi-funky rendition of Scarborough Fayre in the original game.
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