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So I reckon Sony will just simply let loose a downloadable patch, like they said they would do?

That will depend in how they try to fix it, unlike the X-Box 360 which uses software emulation, the PS3 has a combination of CPU and rasterizer chips used in slim PS2 (EE+GS), it's unknown if they will either make a patch, a bios update, or release a new hardware revision.

Another problem is that the PS2 slim has problem even with PS2 games, the v14/SCPH-7500x (silver model) has been reported to have problems with games:

They probabily used v14 hardware for the PS3, though it's unknown, they both have near realese dates.


I would be more troubled about how they fix their PS2 that is unable to run PS2 games, the v15/SCPH-7700x is already being manufactured, I don't know if they have fixed those problems.
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