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Re: Favorite Game Character
AIeeeee, Too many characters.

:lol:, it's probably the same case on my end. Or maybe not. I dunno... :sigh:

Right now my faves that I can think of are mostly DOA4 characters, the Silencer from the Crusader series, and this girl ("Career" mode opponent) in one of the arcade racers that I play.
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Re: Favorite Game Character
The trouble with me is i enjoyed everything i played form Bomberman to Crusader, Elite, Pacman, Tetris, Wing Commander, FS2 obviously, Killer Instinct, Fifa 95 and Goldeneye, Battlezone, Total Annihilation Command And Conquer and Homeworld too.........

Thats just a 2 minute off the top of my head faveourite games, If i put time and thougt into my list i could cover 6 pages of all time greats.....


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Re: Favorite Game Character
HK-47 from Kotor. "Commentary: I say we blast the meatbag and save you the trouble, master."  :D


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Re: Favorite Game Character
i have two favorite characters, actually, Kain and Raziel from the Legacy of Kain series of games.
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Re: Favorite Game Character
OMG! We're lost: Kryptonite = Tiberium


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Re: Favorite Game Character

Speaking of which..................................

Bob from Messiah  :D
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Re: Favorite Game Character
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Re: Favorite Game Character
Brotherhood, unity, peace....kane's the man !  :nod:
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Re: Favorite Game Character

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Re: Favorite Game Character

Speaking of which..................................

Bob from Messiah  :D

Speaking of angels... anyone remember the game Requirm: Avenging Angel?
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Re: Favorite Game Character
I *think* it's Cutter Slade for me.

I really love Outcast. It was the last of those huge game projects.

Cutter Slade got an awesome character design. His voice and his comments are great. ;)

On the other hand I like Vincent from Final Fantasy 7 a lot too.
Slightly twisted, and very mysterious. He's pretty often in my party, even though I never thought he was very strong.
His specials are pretty cool though. ;)

Same goes for Mangus from Chrono Trigger. ;)

So hard to decide...
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Re: Favorite Game Character
Speaking of angels... anyone remember the game Requirm: Avenging Angel?
I can remember Lilith [Eww...], but  I can't really picture anything else about that game.


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Re: Favorite Game Character

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