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Re: What's your Halo/Halo CE screen name?
Do we really need yet another Halo thread?


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Re: What's your Halo/Halo CE screen name?
Not really. Merging with the other one.
Karajorma's Freespace FAQ. It's almost like asking me yourself.

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Not really. Merging with the other one.
So that's where it went... ehm, kj assimilated me.  Oh, well.


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CG/live action commercial for Halo 3 airs today between 5:50 and 6:30 P.M. PST on SportsCenter.

While it sucks we don't get to see the actual game (Bungie probably feels it's not wise to show pre-alpha graphics to the general public), it's going to have some nice plot hints!


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Bungie told PCG that they had to go back and re-work deleted textures that the Xbox couldn't run, but Vista will. They're also increasing the dpi by at least 200. Also, PCG noted that in there's rendered lights and shadows IN THE BACKGROUND!. That's a little more than a tweak. Plus, (I don't know if this is confirmed) I think they're going to be releasing more maps like they did for Halo PC.

They're re-working the whole game, rather than just taking the game and sticking it onto a PC (like they did with Halo: Combat Evolved). Finally, I'm sure there'll be mod support (like there was for Halo PC).
marketing speak similiar in quality to the supposedly "dramatic visual improvements over Halo offered by Halo 2" stated by Bungie just prior to Halo 2's release...... and nothing compelling that would require the use of DX10 or necessitate Vista as a requirement.

p.s. it's not much more than a tweak if that, and additional maps are nothing significant.... "re-working the whole game" is quite an overstatement..... including textures that went un-used with Xbox isn't a rework nor are improved shadow support.

all games are designed with many factors in mind, 1 being that a certain amount of power is dedicated for each frame or board Gabe Newell called it a bank, once a scene is filled to max stuff gets deleted, re-including what was already their isn't a rework it's a tweak and likely a very minor one.
But just a tip; next time, try coming off a little less up yourself. You'll find that you get the message across far easier and you don't sound like an asshat whilst doing so.
the message apparently made it across and I've little interest in opinion only merit.

 ::) if that makes me "up myself" I'm ok with it, "just a tip" if you believe your special then it'd be best not to play the hypocrite........"just something to keep in mind."