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Re: Whats your favorite Wing Commander game?
My favorite is Wing Commander IV :)

But i never played Privateer 1, Academy and Armada, so i can't say how good/worse they are.

And Privateer 2 hasn't a connection to the WC Universe. I'm not sure that this game plays in the WC Universe, at all.

But i like all Main-Plot Wing Commanders, so WC1 to Prophecy - Secret Ops.

Wing Commander I was my second game after Frontier - Elite 2 i play at an Amiga 500. So i have a special connection to this series, because it was my second game, at all :)

The only thing i dislike is, that they cut the cockpits out of the game after Wing Commander 3. Only a FS-like HUD in WC4 and Priv2 and a FL-like Cockpit in WCP and WCSO :(

But for the Story, WC4 was the best. It was a good movie. Okay, maybe it need a few more missions. But it was a good game. And i like that this game a multiple endings and you can decide if you join the border worlds now or later :)
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Re: Whats your favorite Wing Commander game?
Wing Commander 1 and Privateer.


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Re: Whats your favorite Wing Commander game?

Which is incidentally the only WC game I ever played.......


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Re: Whats your favorite Wing Commander game?
I only played the first one. It was very good.
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Re: Whats your favorite Wing Commander game?
Wing Commander 2, definately. :yes:
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Re: Whats your favorite Wing Commander game?
Okay since I don't want to make another WC thread, I'll ask here: I just got Wing Commander Prophecy, and it runs fine except for the movies. They are all skipping and unwatchable. I am running on XP. Any help?

EDIT: Never mind. I found this file on the CIC called 'video_skip_fix' and I am pretty sure that just might help. :)
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