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Damn simple, really! You don't even need to do any art, just manipulation. First, go into modelview. Take a shot. Paste the shot into Photoshop (or whatever). Set to greyscale. Make it as small as you wish. Lighten or darken it. To get the palette, go into aniview and open an existing icon. Save a frame. Stick the icon you've made into it. Save and make another copy. Do the same with the highlighted icon. Make sure they are 0000 and 0001, and fire them up in anibuild. Check if they work in FRED Open. :)

I'm unsure of how to do the drawn icons though.


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I've taken the shot ingame, I hate when ModelView doesn't show the textures :mad:

Anyway, here is the GTCa "Horrible Reskin" Steadfast's icon (it may be different from a standard Telemus' icon due to the reskin). I've tried it with FRED Open and... it's ugly ugly ugly :ick: I can see only parts of it! (I've temporarily renamed it "biconboreas", but I think that once we've made all the icons we'll remake the icons.tbl :pimp:)

EDIT: oh, I couldn't get rid of those side turrets. I've tried to remove them with the "Stamp" function, but it's ugly :ick:

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I should be informed about any icons before any other HLP member...
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