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Last time I looked......
....The Galetea was slightly larger :P

Firstly, let me say what a superb job you guys have done with this mod.

However, I have the same problem as this guy you sorted out a while ago - the Galetea being replaced by a Ulysses.
But..... (just to be different) The solution you came up with for him will not work in my case, as I have the 'retail' FS2.

Everything works 100% except for this one thing (Well, it does make 'Paving The Way' stupidly easy :lol:)

(There are a total of 0 files in the /data folder as well...)

Any clues as to whats wrong?  :confused:


I just played the capture the Dragon mission and it spat an error at me saying that it couldn't find a record for the ship Dragon#terrans.
The mission played okay, but with a Ulysses as the target :nervous:
That is, okay until the engines were knocked out and I found the node that leads to my desktop....

Am I right in thinking that the default ship image for any given mission is the Ulysses, and that whenever a ship record can't be found it just 'defaults'?

Much puzzledness.
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Re: Last time I looked......

There is a slight conflict in ship names here, due to the fact that Awakenings is based on the 3.1 ships.tbl but 3.1 isn't out yet.  FSO can account for this minor discrepancy, but FS2 can't.

Until 3.1 is released, just move the Awakenings .vp files to another folder.  That should do it. :)


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Re: Last time I looked......
Ah.... Thankyou kind sir.

You shot green stuff at me?
What, do I look Shivan to you? :P