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StarWars3 - Revenge of the Sith. At the start when the General's Cruiser dukes it out with the other fellas (clones, republic ?) and you see the clone gunner get wasted and a clone soldier is kocked toward the camera by the explosion and he makes an "aarghh" noice. Hear that one all the time.

The Wilhelm scream?

I've heard the Doom imp fireball noises a few times in TV shows - Dr. Who and that apalling highlander cartoon from way back.

Martian laser beam from War of the Worlds Original Movie 1950's I think :)  as Iron Man's repulsor ray sound fx in the cartoon series.  :D
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Sorry but.......You have a focus of a shotgun :P

I re-watched Star Trek V - The Final Frontier the other night and I recognised the cat creatures scream (you know what I mean, the dancer from Paradise City that attacks Kirk when he gains entrance to the bar type place) from something else, although I cannot recall what it was. Anyone know?

Yes, it was one of Ming's guards/soldiers from Flash Gordon. How the **** did I remember that? :D


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I noticed another one of these today. One of the bullet ricochet sounds in R6 Vegas is identical to one in Time Commando (a '95 game). :D