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What difficulty levels do you guys normally play on?

In FS2, I'm trying to play on hard, but I've played it so many times on medium and easy that I've gotten bored with the retail campaign.

In Half-Life, I usually play on medium.

I usually play on easy in Deus Ex, but out of no where I decided to play on Realistic, and it's actually pretty easy. (I actually managed to save migel on that on mission w/ the MJ12/UNATCO HQ facility)

In CoD/2 I usually play on regular

In Civilization 3, I play on Monarch/Regent (I forget which)

So I guess to sum it up, I usually stick to easy/medium unless I really like the game, in which case I try to progressivly work my way up to the harder levels (except for Deus ex, in which I went straight from easy to realistic)


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I usually take the medium level difficulty, only when I replay the game later I go for a harder difficulty.


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Start at the easiest, work up on later playthroughs until I do all the difficulty levels or I ram head-first into a brick wall.
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I almost always start on the most difficult setting. If it becomes seemingly impossible (see Halo 2: Cairo Station Hangar Bay 2) I switch to the next one down. I find it to be far more satisfying this way


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On Halo for PC and Halo Custom Edition (free upgrade for Halo PC), I like to play on Legendary where possible, as Legendary doesn't handicap you.  (Normal etc. handicaps everyone else, too, which is why it's easier, but if you don't believe me, try jumping over a Hunter on any other difficulty setting... with a little practice, on Legendary you can nail them in the back and ko them easily.

On D2X-XL (Descent 1 & 2 for Windows), I like Hotshot or Ace.

With FreeSpace, Normal works fine to go through a campaign the first time.
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Going below medium might result in crippled gaming experience. I never risk that :)


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I generally play the FS2 campaign on insane and most user-made ones on medium or hard. I use medium for testing my own missions, as I assume that's what most other people will be playing them on.

In other games, when playing for the first time, I use either medium or the one just above it, if there are more than three settings. I generally turn up the difficulty to the max if I have played the game before, although there are some exceptions to that.

I usually play on easy in Deus Ex, but out of no where I decided to play on Realistic, and it's actually pretty easy. (I actually managed to save migel on that on mission w/ the MJ12/UNATCO HQ facility)

That actually takes no real work, since you can just tell him to wait in the detention area (not "make a break for it"), clean out the place and have him follow you after everyone is dead. You can do the same in the UNATCO HQ.

Realistic is indeed pretty easy once you get used to it. The only thing you need to watch out for are enemies with sniper rifles, but they aren't very common.


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Every game I play I always start with the lowest difficulty, until I know the game well when I begin to get serious and play on the harder difficulties.


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I usually play on normal or medium.


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normal most of the time, as I want to get through the game with as little interruptions as possible and enjoy the story.

However, in honour of God of War 2's impending release, I'm playing the original in the uber hard God mode....took me three days (several of hours of death really) to get past the bloody hydra...

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Whatever the default is set to when I fire up the game. I rarely bother looking at the options menu to see what difficulty levels there even are on my first run through any game.
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