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Problem with New Install

   I just recently installed Freespace 2 on my new computer. Previously I'd be playing it on some old 450mhz machine, and it played fine. But now I installed the works onto this new computer, some dual processor yadda-yadda thing. And it plays fine, more/less, but there are a few problems.

   I played the first few missions, and I noticed that some of the graphics aren't quite right. The wing status graphic had splooges instead of circles for the fighters, and when you move the mouse in the main lobby to the exit hatch, there's a noticeable jump in the graphics alignment.

   Which are pretty minor. But the biggest problem by far is the Afterburner. When I hit TAB or even the button on my Logitech Wingman the afterburner doesn't fire. Instead it just makes a sound, which I believe is the after-burner off sound. Obviously, without an afterburner the game will be quite impossible.
I think the after burner actually fired once in one of the Training Sim missions, but that's about it.

   Has anyone else had similar problems?


Re: Problem with New Install
   Oh right, I forgot all about Kara's FAQ. Been so long since I was here :)
   Thanks a lot!


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Re: Problem with New Install
You're welcome. :)