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Crashing after intro movie
Right after the intro movie, my game is crashing. I hear the background sound for the player selection screen and the game crashes a few seconds later.  No error report or anything.  I recently upgraded my video driver and I'm thinking it has something to do with this.  I'm using 3.6.9.  Could someone please help me out?


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Re: Crashing after intro movie
OpenGL or D3D? Which video card?
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why would an SCP error be considered as news? :wtf: *smacks Cobra*It's a feature.

Re: Crashing after intro movie
OpenGL with an integrated ATI Radeon Xpress 200.  I know, I need a better video card.   :)

EDIT:  It seems to be an OpenGL problem.  I tried it with D3D and it works fine. 


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Re: Crashing after intro movie
I think it's the video card.  I've seen something similar recently with another integrated graphics card.  It's on my todo list to fix these issues though, so that our OpenGL code will be much more compatible with a larger range of video capabilities.

I have access to another machine with exhibits this same basic crash, but I haven't had a chance to fully debug and fix the code for it yet.

Re: Crashing after intro movie
Ok, I guess I have an excuse to get a new video card.   Is there a list of compatible cards anywhere?