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Anyone here like Descent?  How about Descent clones? :D


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I played that game online religiously right up until Descent 3 came out.

It was a hoot.
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I remember was one hell of a game! I also liked Radix: Beyond the World.
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Check out the linky I put before the pictures.  ;)


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I loved forsaken
the game just rocked I still have it installed and it runs fine under xp


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forsaken kicked ass, i think it was my favorite game up till fs2 was released. i know descent 3 came out sometime before fs2 but the 120 mhz machine i had at the time wouldnt run it, so d3 got shelfed untill i got my 500 mhz machine back in 99 (and after i played fs2 to death). so forsaken filled the void.

but forsaken was pretty good and had descent netplay even on dialup. it was definately one of the better games from the voodoo era.
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