Author Topic: Playing "What-if" with ship design / confed policy / gun design...  (Read 2278 times)

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Playing "What-if" with ship design / confed policy / gun design...
So I have been reading about lots of the stats for weapons in Wing Commander, and playing the various games (like standoff) that place ships that perform and function as close as possible to the older (WC 1 / WC 2 ) games in a modern engine, so that actually hitting small ships is harder and such... and I thought, wow this certainly makes you rethink lots of confed's choices..

I originally posted this to the standoff forum:

but thought maybe talking to you guys would help too, especially since your stuff is in a slightly later era with a slightly different engine (the fighters are EVEN SMALLER and harder to hit!)

But a lot of the topics with Confed choices are universal enough, I think.  I would love to hear what your all's response is.. Thoughts?


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Re: Playing "What-if" with ship design / confed policy / gun design...
Unfortunately the team isn't very interested in "what if" and "un-universe" question discussions. We care about how to make the game fun and true to the original series, less about why Confed decided this and that. It's a game to us that we're designing. Everything else should be discussed among the hardcore fans. The team likes to rather concentrate on getting the game released. :)

Re: Playing "What-if" with ship design / confed policy / gun design...
Well I'm not JUST talking to the team here!  This seems to be somewhat of a gathering of people who, yaknow, see the game made in a modern engine which is why I posted here and in the standoff forum!


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Re: Playing "What-if" with ship design / confed policy / gun design...
I think you try to see a connection where is none. The fiction from the manual and novels isn't connected to the ingame mechanics by any means, except the name.

Written to be cool. Including roughly realistic values but 70% coolness and 30% realism.

These guys do everything to sell a game. If the fiction dosn't fit to that they tend to ignore it or at least bend it to the most extreme possible.
Like the WC1 Hornet was pretty effective while you can't hit a carrier with the Standoff version. Its a matter of the developers makeing it possible in there game to you, as the player, to have fun with the ship they have designed. Only exception would be if they try to create a physic simulation.

They do everything they can to reproduce what they like but don't necessarly have the resources, skills, time, whatever to do so.
Because of that they are even more forced to make design choices that not necessarly are what the original game was like.
I can't speak for Standoff but possible scenarios are that it might have been a design choice to make the Hornet extra difficulte to fly, it could also have been that its not possible to change the gamecode to give the guns a convergence point or that they just didn't had the time, will, whatever.

IF EA or anyone they contract today would create a new WC game they would most likely not have the problems you encounter with Standoffs gameplay or ours because they have a big budget, a team of professionals and would build up things from the ground.

So keep things in their respective "realm". You can compare fiction to fiction (manual vs novel) and you can compare gamedesign to gamedesign (game vs game) but don't try fiction vs gamedesign or even fiction/gamedsign vs realism. You will only get a headache from that ^_^
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Re: Playing "What-if" with ship design / confed policy / gun design...
Well said. That's the reason why some game designers react allergic to people who compare the fiction with the game.
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Re: Playing "What-if" with ship design / confed policy / gun design...
I wouldn't say I'm allergic to it. I just wanted to tell him that we, in our position as designers of this game, will probably not be interested much in discussing stuff like this, not to mention not having time for it.
I didn't say it because I thought the question was not ok to be asked, but to prevent him from being dissapointed later if the discussion went nowhere because we had that before.

This forum is mainly for discussion about our game and less for general wing commander discussion, that's why most discussions about fiction and in-universe stuff usually runs into dead ends in here. It's simply not the best place to find people who are interested in those discussions.

So please don't take my response the wrong way. :)