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FS1 Retail on FS2open in linux

I'm quite confused and really don't know where to begin.

1. I have retail FS1 but not FS2.  I just want to play FS1 for now.
2. I currently have icculus port of FS1 running well, but only in 640x480 - I was able to hack through the old installer to get it working.
3. I would like to run FS1 on FS2open for all the obvious graphical benefits.

Can someone step me through this?  Once again, I don't have FS2 retail or even downloaded the FS2 .iso(s).

Is this possible?  I downloaded the 'fsport3_0_4.vp' (thinking it was an FS2open port for FS1 installer or something).  I'm lost fellas.

Sincere thanks.


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Re: FS1 Retail on FS2open in linux

The FS Port requires the FS2 engine -- either retail or FSO.  It also makes use of the FS2 retail game data.  You cannot run FSO without the FS2 game data, unless you install a total conversion like Wing Commander Saga.

The icculus port is basically a recreation of the FS1 engine.  It's basically a fork of the retail FS2 code, extrapolated backwards.  The Source Code Project, on the other hand, is a fork of the retail FS2 code that extrapolates forwards.

This is kind of an awkward explanation, but the short answer is that you can't use the FS Port unless you have FS2 installed. :)

I'll move this to the cross-platform forum in case any other Linux users have input.


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Re: FS1 Retail on FS2open in linux
Doesn't Turey's installer work on Linux?  I have a link in my siggy, if you want, toobooku, you can use that to install the FS:SCP.  (Which I would recommend :D).  That way, you're all set to play FS1, and then you can play Silent Threat, and then FS2, and then Derelict, and then ...  IIRC, you don't have to tell the Installer to install everything, just tell it to get FS2 & FS1 & the cutscenes... you can then run the installer again later, to update & install more mods.

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Re: FS1 Retail on FS2open in linux
That way, you're all set to play FS1, and then you can play Silent Threat, and then FS2, and then Derelict, and then ...
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Re: FS1 Retail on FS2open in linux
Fixxored  ;)  thx

Re: FS1 Retail on FS2open in linux
Hey fellas, thanks for all the replys.  I'm still a bit confused and feel like I'm banging on an airlock from the outside.  I'll try out the Turey link - I ran across it earlier in my hunting but was unsure if that was the right one.

Thanks for all the help.