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I have to admit being attracted as much to the rather cool spaceship as the subject, but it's still an interesting article :)


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Yeah, that ship at the bottom of the article looks suspiciously like one from the Freespace Universe (Perseus interceptor anyone?)
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Heh, maye just a tad inspired by Freespace :) Very cool looking in it's own right, though.


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Ha, I've seen that before! I don't remember the name and it doesn't seem to be listed on that site, but the game that features that fighter was on a cover disc a few years back.

It featured 4 anime chicks each with her own fighter from which you could choose. It was a shmup, but with 3d models for the ships, and the player fiughters all looked really cool on the selection screen. Sadly, the thing crashed as soon as I tried to start a level.

I should dig up that cover disc and try it on a new PC.
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Heh, maye just a tad inspired by Freespace :) Very cool looking in it's own right, though.

Doubt it - it's a pretty standardised design, really :)

I'd love to do an FS2 Shmup - just the player (with selectable craft!) and a ludicrous arsenal against waves of (low detail) enemies, probably cell-shaded.......


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So basically seizure-inducing ADD Japanese Raptor clones.

Wow, I never knew it was an entire genre.


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They fail to mention Sentimental Shooting, or have a working link to a link to a link to it. Kinda said.

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The fact that I KNOW what Sentimental Shooting IS kind-of makes me sad.  lol

I'd love to get that game... Rally Raid... but I can't navigate that site for the life of me.  >.<

I remember there was a shmup that we used to play in Visual Basic class in High School, I THINK it was Ikaruga... could be wrong, but it was FUN.