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Does anyone here have Gunman Chronicles, and want to play it in multiplayer?
I just got the game used a few days ago, and i've been having a blast with its singleplayer portion. Now that i've finished the story, i'm itching for some multiplayer action with those customizable weapons(I didn't find much use for that in SP, except when using the MULE, Pistol, and that nice electricity gun).

I found a gunman chronicles to steam patch. Though the patch has a few problems(such as also displaying singleplayer maps in the maps list besides the 5 multiplayer maos), it seems to work solid(though apparently you can't host listen servers, it just displays the default HLDM hosting gui, wich crashes right before map initialization). There seems to be only 1 server online, wich is empty. And it seems to employ rather huge selection of crappy 2nd rate custom maps.

Incase anyone is wondering, what the hell is "Gunman Chronicles", heres a few reviews.
It runs on the Half-Life engine, the steam patch adds some of the latest features of the engine like Detail Textures thus making the visual quality somewhat better. It also seamleslly incorporates the demo levels to the story of the full game.
Gamespot Review
IGN Review(also has a few videos).
Action Trip Review

and heres the demo for anyone who doesn't have the game, sadly the game is not yeat avaible through Steam(though Valve did talk about adding it in 2003 :( ), and i don't see any retail stores selling it. I got mine used..

and 3d action planet has a site for the game.


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I don;t have it, but in the server search, isn't there a custom game flag, like when searching for the original CS?

Theres only 1 server left, as i said above. But its empty, and has rather horrible map selection. Thus im looking for any owners of the game who would be interested in setting up matches via steam..


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I had it once, played through it. Interesting, if a little predictable.

If it gets on Steam though, I won't ever play it :p