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LOL one time i was so impatient to rearm , because i was a sitting duck with 2% hull integrity left, that i aborted it manually, hitting the burners because a manticore had locked onto me, but the bump against the support ship killed me  :lol:


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The funniest time I can remember using the support ship (Hygeia, Nephtys, Scarab or Centaur, can't remember) was when there were three Manticores on my tail, I was rearming, turned around and was shooting at the Manticores. I killed all three while being reloaded. THAT was skill. :P

 can someone repost a link I lost mine as well and despite the search function can not find a living link


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Well I'll be damned if FileFront keeps telling me that there are too many connections or there was an error again.
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thank you, the original is quite the eyesore. ;)