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SSJ Giga question?
Are they reskinned and bigger, or just reskinned?
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You mean this thing?



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or this one?



Remodel by Venom.


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Sweet...I hadn't seen that remodel before. Looks awesome.  

Is the new version availible for Beta download?

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Thanx, but this one is not the last version lol, Woomeister put pics of an early test. We tried to make it work yesterday but something was wrong. Anyway, I've tested it this morning, it is now fixed and runs in FS2. He will have it tonight, and will be able to begin the fun turreting part hehe  . But believe me, the new one looks MUCH better tahn this one (I've deleted the upper claws and made new ones, because whatever I did with the original ones looked wrong)

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Mmmm... spiky.  
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