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I am having a lighting problem with fs2_open.  If I turn on -specular and use directx, the ships are way, way to bright.  It is so bright that the cockpits on the new models are almost completely white, and it doesn't matter what I set -ambient_factor to , it makes only a little difference, even at -ambient_factor 1.  OpenGL looks perfect, however.  What am I doing wrong?



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Yeah I get that problem too when using DirectX. Why not just use OpenGL?


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Yeah, just use OpenGL. DirectX is sadly lacking support at the moment and I believe FSOpen is moving towards OpenGL only anyway, as there are not enough coders who know about DirectX to keep it upto date.
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Alrighty then.  I like the OpenGL implementation better anyway.  Thanks.



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wow DirectX seriously needs to be put out of its misery. It's unsupported and largely unworking. Basically all it does is generate endless "DirectX Problem" threads  :doubt: