Author Topic: FSPort Nowhere to be found?  (Read 1806 times)

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FSPort Nowhere to be found?
I'm sure i'm gonna get killed for this, but the last post i read regarding this said 'go to this other post' and then didn't give a post to go to. I can't find the FSPort anywhere. It's for some reason not on fileplanet (i go to the download and it doesn't give me a server without subscribing), and the WCSaga page just says "can't find, it's not on this server. Go bug someone else." I tried the Turey installer, but it couldn't get past this problem either. If this has already been answered somewhere, can you please sticky it? thanks in advance, sorry if i retreaded old news.


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Re: FSPort Nowhere to be found?
I've added a link to the unclear post.  Here it is again:,46544.0.html

In summary, the mirrors are down, but I am trying to find replacements.  In the meantime, you can get the Port off FilePlanet or the megaupload mirror. 
You can register on FilePlanet for free, but they hide the link really well.


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Re: FSPort Nowhere to be found? | FatHax | ??????
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Re: FSPort Nowhere to be found?
Hey guys, thaniks for the reply. I'm registered for fileplanet already, but then i can't go download the file. there's no "download file" button. It sucks, but whatever. The temp holdover you put up worked for the port itself, but the mission pack, unfortunately, does not. Is the megaupload link you were  talking about working? Thank you for the help, though. Been wanting to play this for a while.


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Re: FSPort Nowhere to be found?
so i pretty much take it all back. Stuff miraculously works fine now. Thanks anyways guys! :)