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Just to give you all an update, testing is well underway and has provoked several adjustments to the mod. It'll definitely be a better experience for it, but it's going to take a little time to tie up all the loose ends it's revealed.

I'll throw in a few shinnies to hopefully tide you over.

Hang in there!


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A missile nicknamed the Massacre that can target multiple fighters at once is just too awesome for words.

Well, you fail.

It's MACROSS Massacre, a reference to TVTropes. :P
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Well, you fail.

No need to be that way about it.

I rather suspect the term predates TVTropes anyway, though that's hard to prove.


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Is Cobra referring to the Macross Missile Massacre? He fails the full alliteration by only mentioning two of the three words of the trope.  ;)

But yeah, Cobra is right that I wasn't reminded of this trope when I saw the Massacre tech room screenshot. I was probably distracted by the fact that Multiply (the verb form) was used instead of the grammatically more correct adverb form (Multiple). :D
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Well it's supposed to be pew pew pew; and that one video (even though it was just a tech demonstration) on Discord looked pretty much like it.