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Quasar fire (flurry) and Bha'tok gunship

work in progress on the Quasar fire carrier

does anyone know exactly how many engines this ship has? I've always thought it was 7 but 8 maybe?

also I took a slightly different look at the rear section of the ship and decided that it wasn't as interesting to be just angled plating (plus it matches the egtvv a little better IMO)

the underside I added docking clamps for interest (the ship is very flat so detailing makes more sense to be functional freighter equipment bits even if it isn't on the references) I am also making a cargo pod to fit on the underside allowing it to be used as a freighter in missions.
(lighting got messed up, may be some mesh errors, but will be fixed)

here's a link to a massing model for the braha'tok gunship (just to get stuff position and generally aligned to the references)

questions and comments welcome.

Re: Quasar fire (flurry) and Bha'tok gunship
second one looks kool, 1st ship looks meh
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Re: Quasar fire (flurry) and Bha'tok gunship
According to Wookiee, the Flurry was a modified version of the standard Quasar, which was originally a bulk cruiser.  So freighter stuff definitely makes sense, although I think it would be even nicer to have both versions, carrier mod and standard freighter, without the open hangar I would imagine, unless that's how it was loaded.  If the door is open, the freighter version could be exposing freight and the carrier would obviously be exposing its fighter stock.  Just an idea.  Also, with the docked fighters.  It would be nice to have some scripting to make it actually launch the fighters, since they're plainly visible to everyone who can see that side of the ship.  Might be something to look into.
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Re: Quasar fire (flurry) and Bha'tok gunship
I was thinking that the cargo pod could be underslung like a skycrane helicopter or a carryall from dune. The spar area is a lot of wasted space otherwise.


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Re: Quasar fire (flurry) and Bha'tok gunship
Yeah, with the Quasar Fire I always imagined that big blank space between the hangar and bridge to have some sort of cargo carrying capacity, as mentioned, otherwise it'd be a lot of wasted space.

Both are looking very sexy, especially the Y-Head, I'm glad to see we'll finally have some more rebel ships to play with.

Welcome to the team EJ
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Re: Quasar fire (flurry) and Bha'tok gunship
what is that second one?

quazar fire is great, btw.
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Re: Quasar fire (flurry) and Bha'tok gunship
That's Braha'tok gunship.

I prefer the first one, in every imaginable aspect.
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Re: Quasar fire (flurry) and Bha'tok gunship
Very nice, both are high-quality and an excellent level of detail and accuracy. Welcome to the team, we're all very exited. You may have single handedly shaved a lot of time off a release date which makes everyone happy.
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Re: Quasar fire (flurry) and Bha'tok gunship
Though I'm not really a fan of the Truce at Bakura, I'll admit that you've got some nice detailing on the Flurry.
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Re: Quasar fire (flurry) and Bha'tok gunship
  Yeah, EJ's one of the best modelers around. I like the new Flurry with all the little detail bumps and superstructure. Looks MUCH better, most the time that ship looks so bland. Excellent idea about the skycrane bit. That'll be really cool.