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Re: Video game reviews are just pathetic
This explains a lot:

Rumors have been swirling today that Jeff Gerstmann, executive editor at CNET-owned major video game site GameSpot, was fired after giving a generally unimpressed review of Io Interactive's Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. Gerstmann awarded the game a 6.0. [Edit: Gerstmann had particularly negative words in his video review, which was removed from the site by GameSpot today.] (Though Shacknews does not score its reviews, our own Kane & Lynch review was similar in its verdict.)

According to the reports, the layoff came after Kane & Lynch publisher Eidos took issue with the review and threatened to pull its considerable ad contract. GameSpot's front page is currently almost entirely re-skinned with Kane & Lynch imagery

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Re: Video game reviews are just pathetic

Edios has long lost any respect I had for them...
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Re: Video game reviews are just pathetic
Well, there's conflicting reports, some are saying it was inspired by this, others are saying there's a lot longer history of problems. CNET have apparently denied that Eidos prompted this, but then, that says nothing either way, so I'm still in 2 minds about it.

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