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Does anyone else have problems running this game on Vista?

My experience so far:
Activate certain items = instant CTD.
Talk to certain NPCs = instant CTD.
Interact with remains = instant CTD.
Open any menu while facing north = instant CTD.

I could go on, but it would risk a small nuclear explosion.  I get the feeling that this game could be really good, but I'm rapidly losing patience with it.  Has anyone experienced/overcome these issues?

I'm running on Vista 32bit with the following:
Athlon64 4400+
2xGeforce 7800GT (with/without SLI enabled - no difference) w/ latest drivers
X-Fi ExtremeMusic card w/ latest drivers
2Gig RAM
Windows Defender disabled in the Witcher folder.
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Are you running the latest patch?  I don't have Vista but so far The Witcher has only crashed on me after very long sessions, and only when it's attempting to autosave between zones, so just during loading screens.  This is the first I've heard anyone mention that much crashing during ordinary gameplay.  I'd check your graphics drivers and make sure Vista is also up to date.
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I finished the game with no CTD on :
- Vista Business 32 bit
- Intel C2D E6600
- 8800 GTX with the Forceware Beta 169.03
- Asus P5W DH Deluxe
- 4 GB RAM

However, I got some slowndown, and loading are pretty long in some case but it's very random.


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It didn't crash once for me when I was playing it in Vista 64bit. But like MetalDestroyer said, the loading times were frustratingly long in Vista and I ended up reinstalling it on my XP drive once I got partway through Chapter II and couldn't stand it anymore.

Surprisingly good game, anyway.


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I've twealed a few settings and rolled back from the beta drivers to the previous set with some success.  I still find myself staring at far too many error messages, though.  I'll wait for the next patch and see where that gets me.
When the reactor explodes, it's usually a sign that you've taken too much damage.


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The game is very good. I actually didn't expect something that brilliant.  :yes: :yes: :yes:
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