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A nice descent style german game:
For all those interested, a very promising german game called gunship apocalypse may appeal to all of you descent fans out there. However use caution, as the game is german exclusive (despite an english demo). I HATE publishers who do that.
However, your dear uncle starlord has been in contact with FAKT software (the game makers) and after a LOT of negotiation, has obtained the english script for the whole game.

Should you wish to buy the game (not expensive at all on you can now play it without a problem. Also FAKT gave their approuval for the free distribution of the english text.

here's the link to the game:

Also if you brouse, take the liberty of securing a copy of star calibur: very good space sim, but although there is an english demo, it remains german exclusive (AGAIN :mad: :mad: :mad:). Should someone wish to patch the game in english...

so long, flyboys.

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Re: A nice descent style german game:
I think I have heard some bad reviews about it some time ago...
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Re: A nice descent style german game:
About what? Star calibur or gunship?

Besides, bad reviews don't mean everything (to me, that is!), I loved a game that was shot in the back by reviews, That game was a very old DOS game called delta V.

Re: A nice descent style german game:
I really do hat german sites. German is a primary language in switzerland, and this is another german site which seems to care a s**t about grammar. I hate em.
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