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Request - Inferno build

 Not sure whether it's the right thing to do, but I really want to have a copy of the Inferno Freespace engine and hopefully the FRED that comes along with it.

 Inferno is REALLY COOL, so far anyway, I'm on the Taking the Gate mission. ( I'm not trying to flatter anyone!!)

I would really appreciate it, because I checked the web and the download site by Phreak are outdated.


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Re: Request - Inferno build
Go to the recent builds forum, there you will find the 2007-10-28-stable branch-inferno build.
AFAIK its the latest. Its pretty stable, as i`m currently using that build.

On a side note, you will need 7 zip to extract it. Do not have a link to 7z, sorry.  :nervous:
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Re: Request - Inferno build
Where is the stable builds forum? I'm looking for the most recent version of Inferno as well.

EDIT: Never mind, found it  :D
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