Author Topic: Freespace 2 freezes at Pilot select, OS X 10.5 - partially fixed  (Read 1053 times)

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Freespace 2 freezes at Pilot select, OS X 10.5 - partially fixed
Hi, this is my first time posting here.  I'm a big fan of what this community has done with FS2. 

A few months back I re-downloaded FS2 onto my new Macbook Pro, along with all the fixings (upgrades) and what appeared to be every single finished fan project/mod.  But because I didn't have a Joystick with me, I chose to hold off playing it.

However, I recently got a joystick, and upgraded my operating system to Leopard, and was all set to play through FS2.

I engaged all of the old settings in FS_open that I had engaged on my PPC G5 iMac (played the heck out of it, and never had any problems), and was all set to play it... when I got to the pilot select screen... it freezes.  I have to reboot to get out.

If someone could tell me what exactly I'm doing wrong, I would really appreciate it.  I've already accepted that I probably didn't install something correctly,  I just need some guidance in correcting it.  I looked around, but didn't seem to find any threads on this topic.  Again, if I missed something, please sic Captain Obvious on me.  Thanks.

Well, turns out it was a resolution issue.  I didn't have it set right, and so it froze up whenever it went "off" the screen and into the blackbox.

But then later after I'd been playing for a while, I went into the settings menu, and accidentally froze it when I went off the edge.  At this point, I had figured out the problem, and set my resolution properly.

How the heck do I avoid crashing?
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Re: Freespace 2 freezes at Pilot select, OS X 10.5 - partially fixed
Sound familiar?

It's from BtRL but the code for 3.6.9 and the BtRL build are virtually identical so you could get the same problem.
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