Author Topic: Odd complete crash: Sudden screen corruption.  (Read 880 times)

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Odd complete crash: Sudden screen corruption.
When I'm playing FS2open (the one which you get from the installer), the game suddenly crashes in the middle of gameplay. My screen turns into blue little boxes with strange yellow, red, green etc pixels in it. I have to hard reset my PC to restart entirely. This happens after several minutes of playing.

I am using:

Geforce 8800GTX vidcard
Intel E6600 CPU
Windows Vista Ultimate: 64bit version.

So far a search did not give me too much result on this error except for the unanswered post of someone a year ago (which I did not wish to necro-bump). So I thought I'd make a post instead. I hope someone can help me. :)
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Re: Odd complete crash: Sudden screen corruption.
Do you get this problem in other games? Cause it sounds to me like a graphics card overheating more than anything else.
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Re: Odd complete crash: Sudden screen corruption.
No, just in freespace 2. It seems to occur far less, almost never when I'm in directX8 mode. It's no overheating, I know my PC's temperature is fine through monitoring (running a large number of fans in a very large case). The power feed is also fine. I think it may unfortunately be Vista or 8800 related. I hoped there simply was a solution.