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Alright this is it, my first mission i actually put effort into. the briefing is in the credits cause i dont have a mic to do voice recordings and stuff. please rate and post any problems or suggestions or feedback. Oh one last thing when you download the mission, in a day or two you may not have the newest one as i may update as i learn.


Update: i just had to update the mission as i forgot to add a return to base thingy
Update: Fixed the return to base thingy and added initial orders to some enemies

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I cannot play it, or open it in FRED.

Which FSO version have you used?
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after a lot of error messages it started working, I would suggest lowering the amount of enemy craft to a more "mangeable" size force and using sexps for the arrival of the other compliment of enemies, you could start with that, also have you tryed making the walktrough included in Fred2? it's quite nice to learn more about sexp and all that.

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I cannot play it, or open it in FRED.

Which FSO version have you used?

well i have FSO 3.6.10 and i used FRED2_open_trunk


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On the whole an okay mission, but not that great, really. There were a lot of common mistakes and errors that made this mission average at best, though it does have the potential to be very good. The mistakes I saw are:

1. The most obvious mistake was that all the ships were on the XZ plane, with no usage of the Y axis. This shouldn't be too hard to fix.
2. There was no music, which made the mission a bit dull.
3. None of my wingmen appeared to have orders, and just went around rampantly attacking.
4. The lack of chatter became evident, making the mission even more dull and slightly boring.
5. It doesn't look like you've even touched the ship and weapons pools. You should either give me the best loadout available to save me the hassle of doing it manually, or remove the ships you don't want me to fly through the missions pool editor.
6. The fighters arriving in one big horde and then being killed off in the first few minutes has several disadvantages. The most severe problem is that if I had the Maxim equipped, I could just cream all the fighters and then pound all the other capital ships without fear of being attacked.
7. You should have given the cargo containers and the transports some internal contents, and they shouldn't be cargo known.
8. The transports and cruisers should have moved around a bit to make the mission more realistic and less monotonous.
9. The lack of background also made the mission more dull.
10. The Return to Base directive appeared prematurely.
11. Why was there no debriefing or briefing?

Fix these problems and it'll make an excellent mission. As it stands now, however, it's not all that hot. A good first try, though. :yes:


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i agree with snail.

1. move the ships about on the y axis at the very least.
2. music is located in the mission specs.
3. the attack all order is not the order that can be given in sight. disabling units also makes for a more interesting mission too.
4. even adding random chatter like for example

Alpha 3 "uh sir why are we attacking a Demon destroyer!? command never said to attack a demon let alone be mentioned in the brief. has command screwed up?"

Alpha 2 "Unknown, stop worrying as long as we win and you stay alive that bet is still in effect"

Alpha 3 "nuh uuh! you forfeited the bet when you tripped up on Tamara Ashington, remember you dropped your drink right into her cleav..."

alpha 2 "uh alpha 3, i dont think command wants to know about that"

Command " yeah right pilot. tell up more alpha 3".......

5. giving a good load out can make the difference from leeching a ships systems, draining its shields, destroying it or you being destroyed.

6. the maxims main weakness though is its terrible shield damage ratio, more like the kayser that could do all that. i suggest experiementing with different more extended timing for each wave of ships. typically every 5 seconds a wave appears just after the objective turns blue.

7. in the ships window, where it says contents just place something like 'GTVA Colossus Paint' or 'Bosch beer' or what ever you want.

8. add way points for transports and cruisers to follow or give them a target to pursue.

9. time consuming background work might take its toll however it is well worth the effort to add more realism to what you created. Gamma draconis background on fs2 3.6.10 is a good example to template off.

10. add a delay into the return to base objective.

11. another time consuming task which can make or break a mission. i suggest you look at your missions before you create them, and make draft a back drop storyline to work off that way you can create a briefing off it. when you completed your mission look at the mission and create a debreifing for all sides of the story include as much detail as you can but do not make it too long.
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it was ok.