Author Topic: Fs2 Server seems to be DOWN :-(  (Read 1068 times)

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Fs2 Server seems to be DOWN :-(
Calling on all humans / creatures out there! Noone's games seem to be showing up tonight. Tried various build of 3.6.10 and 3.6.9! Come on Misters! No Big Sat night game? Why has everyone forgotten about freespace. It's fun!! Come back! Don't desert your old friends! It's u that make up the numbers! Taylor! CP! Shade! Cole! Karajorma! CC! Everyone! Please! What will I do without this game! Save me please! Come back CP! Sod the pHD! Can;t u see how much we miss u! Someone fix the server!
Jedimasterseth a.k.a FLINT


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Re: Fs2 Server seems to be DOWN :-(
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[[email protected] ~]$ fs2netd-helper status
"Beyond the Red Line" ...  Running (pid:7970)
"The Babylon Project" ...  Running (pid:7983)
"Default Server (3.6.9)" ...  Running (pid:7986)
"Wing Commander Saga" ...  Running (pid:7989)
"Default Server (3.6.10)" ...  Running (pid:7973)
"Shadows of Lylat" ...  Running (pid:7976)

Everything is up and running fine, so it's nothing server-side.