Author Topic: Freespace Multi Game 9pm GMT  (Read 995 times)

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Freespace Multi Game 9pm GMT
Dear All,

I'll be hosting a regular game Wednesdays at 9pm GMT if anyone wants to get some practice in for the big game(s) on saturdays!

See u then!  :pimp:
Jedimasterseth a.k.a FLINT


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Re: Freespace Multi Game 9pm GMT
To add it to the calendar I'll need some stuff.

Connection limits. (can you support 12 players?
End time. (if applicable)
PC Specs

Test your speed at, and use the link it gives you to post your speed here.

And one topic is generally enough. (sorry if I come across a little irritable right now)
Gettin' back to dodgin' lasers.