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Re: EVE Online - Empyrean Age
Aw man, MMORPGs sucks, I have yet to see one which isn't.

Somewhat like your mother?

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Re: EVE Online - Empyrean Age
Don't be afraid though to show me EVE doesen't, I'm liberal and open-minded. Well, mostly, I have no understanding for our SVP NSDAP-like guys over here in Switzerland...
Ah, you get the point.
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Re: EVE Online - Empyrean Age
To be completely honest, the game has a very steep learning curve. And that's a good thing as those players who get past that become very dedicated to the game. Also, corporations are generally very enriching to the game. Going solo isn't actually a very good option as you don't really have any support but it is doable.
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Re: EVE Online - Empyrean Age
EVE is great. That is to say, I played the game, found it heinously boring after a few weeks and unsubscribed, but I love its continued existence purely because of the awesome trailers. I mean, damn.