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Re: What Wii games to get
And some of us don't like to limit ourselves in our entertainment ;)

I like to play games in as many ways possible.
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Re: What Wii games to get
try Oblivion and Morrowind. Or Deus Ex 1.
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Re: What Wii games to get
Neither of which are Wii games....
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Re: What Wii games to get
Games I'd Recommend for Nintendo Systems (Wii and DS):
Both: Lego Indiana Jones (Great fun, until your little brother decides to hit a civilian with a shovel and about 20 of them start attacking you.)
Wii: Boom Blox (Silly, but enjoyable, and the level creation feature adds a lot of value. Plus, multiplayer Warlords is a blast.)
Wii: Zelda: Twilight Princess
Wii: Metroid Prime 3 (And if you have a gamecube controller, you can pick up the first two dirt-cheap.)
Wii: Brawl
DS: Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (It's sucked a good 40 hours out of my life so far, and I expect that there'll be another 40 in it before I get bored. I'm a bit of an FFT nut though, after picking up the truely awesome first game for the PlayStation for $10 in the bargin bin.)
DS: Final Fantasy III (Beautiful in 3D, and much better than the new Final Fantasies. FFIV is getting the same upgrade treatment and will be available within the month.)
DS: Rune Factory (If you're an existing Harvest Moon fan, this is a dream come true, with improvements I've been waiting for since the N64 and GBP versions. If you aren't a fan, the new combat system, while slightly clunky, will provide needed relief from the tedium of farming.)

Games to stay away from:
MarioKart Wii (The Wii Wheel is crap, and the Grand Prix races take more luck than skill. My roommates and I played a couple races, then turned it off in disgust, fired up the N64, and had loads of fun playing MarioKart 64 for the next couple of hours.)
Raving Rabids 2 (The first one was a great party game, and the second tries to continue in that vein, but there's just not enough content to keep you there. The upcoming Wii Fit game featuring the Rabids looks good though.)
Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (As a direct sequel to the excellent Wind Waker, I was expecting more. The controls, while different, weren't the main problem. There just wasn't enough to this game. The linear plot was very reminiscent of Zelda: Link's Awakening, which I went and replayed after this, and LA is clearly the superior game, with tons of sidequests and secrets, where the only large sidequest in PH is tricking out your boat. A good way to get into the series, but for prior Zelda fans, nothing worth getting excited over. The multiplayer is also complete crap.)
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Re: What Wii games to get
I just spent $350 on Wii stuff today - Wii Fit, Mario Cart, Paid off my preorder on Force Unleashed and bought a recharge docking station for two wiimotes.

I'm addicted :D

Have to disagree with Turey on Mario Kart though - while I don't like its lack of customizability (Can't get rid of the AI players when you've got plenty of humans, can't resrict weapons in battles) I found the racing to be an awful lot of fun. Very much luck dependent no doubt, (Even in one day I've probably gone from last to top four at least three or four times by getting a well timed bullet powerup) but insanely fun nonetheless.
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Re: What Wii games to get
Yeah, Mario Kart Wii manages to be fun even though it is inferior to games like MK64.

Brawl suffers from many of the same symptoms compared to Melee. Sure, I can play Brawl to mess around, but I'm too addicted to the speed and intensity of Melee to leave it behind.


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Re: What Wii games to get
Has anyone played "Wii on your Wii"? :drevil:

They should make a game where you have to control some person who's playing a Wii - that would make for a challenge... ;7
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Re: What Wii games to get
Has anyone played "Wii on your Wii"? :drevil:

They should make a game where you have to control some person who's playing a Wii - that would make for a challenge... ;7
The on-screens characters charcater could be playing a Wii too. ad infinitum.

That was a really bizarre idea you had you know :p
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Re: What Wii games to get
The Wii and the Wiimote show up as characters and props in the games all the time actually ;)

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Re: What Wii games to get
did you hear about this? after reading the comments, all of a sudden i don't feel like playing the Wii anymore, or atleast until TFU cmes out, which will probably suffer from the same problem this talks about.;title;2
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Re: What Wii games to get
So, after all this time, no conclusions?
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