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Re: Freespace V.S. Star Wars Part Four

Plot armor.  A storytelling device from time immemorial. :p

 . . . Ah yes, the immortal, unfaillible armour of all time . . . :D


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Re: Freespace V.S. Star Wars Part Four
And I think they mention that standard SW "fusion tech" is like practically unchanged in 20-40,ooo years?

Anyway as for Fighting at warp I only care about TOS. I my research I found this and perhaps further viewing is in order?

"That was fairly common during the original Star Trek. "The Ultimate Computer", "Balance of Terror" and "Elaan of Troyius", and ST:TMP all contain instances of FTL ships using weapons against sublight ships."

I will need to ss TMP again as I don't remember THAT particular instance, BUT as a kid I remember something about the others...

I also remember the Enterprise ESCAPING a weapon as it fired cause it was STL and they went warp in REVERSE!! It took a few minutes on screen but they outran it, that's balls!!! (A Romulan plasma weapon). So if the crew is on the ball a STL weapon from SW can be outraced IF the crew knows it's coming in time!  ;)

[Edit]: Bingo, it appears the Enterprise under the control of the M5 Computer stays at warp fluctuating between warp 3 and 4 throughout the ENTIRE engagement... Phasers and torpedoes are used...

When in doubt, I use TOS to answer all (if not most) of my questions since most of the Trek series that followed butcher continuity to a state worse than Swiss cheese...
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Re: Freespace V.S. Star Wars Part Four
KotOR is awesome though...even though its EU. KotOR2 not so much, but its still decent.
You do remember KotOR was rushed out of development by LucasArts, and so is nowhere near its intended completion state?

It's still awesome. One of the best RPGs ever, behind Neverwinter Nights.
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Re: Freespace V.S. Star Wars Part Four
That's right meatbag.