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Intro Idea turned down. :P
This prolog for freespace 2 was turned down by ShadowGorrath for his Ancients Versus Shivans campaign. I don't hold any grudges toward him, and you guys shouldn't either. He has his ideas of Ancients and I have mine. Plus... it's his campaign. XD

Anyways, since it won't be used, here it is for the public to enjoy. (and yes, this is typed like a script. And it requires quite an imagination for all the graphics and coordination.)

*Prolog opens with a planet, brown with death. A Terran fleet surrounds it. Following lines are typed in*
Sirius System
GTD Aquitaine
Aquitaine: GTC Haroas, all hostiles have been neutralized. You may begin the extraction process.
GTC Haroas: Copy that Aquitaine, process initiated. Deploy science teams.
*Science vessels deploy and start scanning*
Science Team 1: Sir, we’ve found a something! Translating now.
*Screen fades. A voice speaks.* We, are dying. For whoever discovers our ruins, our artifacts, beware. Our empire, glorious in its prime, was destroyed. And for those of our guests, this is our tale.
*Screen fades. Opens with a planet as the camera pans to it. A fleet appears, patrolling the perimeter*
Ancient Patrol (un-named): This is Cairo patrol (name may change), nothing has been sighted.
Ancient cap ship: Affirmative, return to base.
*Ancient fighters (scout fighters) head back.*
*10 secs pass. A LARGE portal opens*
Patrol: Home-base, I am getting huge readings on nav (Radar).
Cap Ship: Can you identify?
Patrol: No, it’s a large, black ship! Wait! I think I see something!
*UNKNOWN charges weapons* (Lucifer)
Unknown: *Comm-node sound file (ETAC sound file)*
*Large red beams obliterate the patrol in a single sweep. And fighters and bombers are deployed from its hangers*
CapShip: Patrol, respond! I repeat, please respond!
Smaller CapShip: I’m getting readings on nav! (Radar)
CapShip: Is it one of ours?
Small Cap-Ship: No, it’s not! It’s too large for one of our ships!
*Beam weapons charge from Unknown, striking the Capital ship head on, destroying it.*
*Unknown continues to devastate the fleet, destroying all CapShips with its many beams*
*Fighters purge the area of resistance, and continue to swarm the fleet*
*Unknown ship charges beam cannon from side and breaks the planet apart, then warps out. (big “special” warp*
Title appears after a chunk of debris drifts by quickly. "Freespace: Ancient, Shivan War"

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Re: Intro Idea turned down. :P
That's kindof a cool concept. So the campaign is sort of like Assasins Creed - you're not playing as the Ancient, you're watching an Ancients, I dunno, guncam recordings or something? That would be quite a cool concept, if done right.
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Re: Intro Idea turned down. :P
Glad you liked it. If I could make it, I would. But, Ancients vs. Shivans is ShadowGorrath's campaign: Ancient, Shivan War. I am the story developer and I guess that makes him my editor. XD Anyway, it's an awesome mod that is coming out great! But, I am unable to give any details as to it's secrets. XD So, I'm glad you got to enjoy this scrapped intro! (But, HELL! I really want to make this intro. It'd be a fun watch!)
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Re: Intro Idea turned down. :P
Make it and whack it up on yoochoob :nod:


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Re: Intro Idea turned down. :P
Varsaigen, you have a Yahoo messenger or something? I think it's possible to chat between MSN and Yahoo messenger users. The point is- add me on there and we'll discuss about your participation in the mod.  :)

Re: Intro Idea turned down. :P
ok, I'll see what I can do about that. I'll try Yahoo messanger now. And then we can discuss it. =)
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