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Re: B5 Star Fury Mission Pack - 12 missions
Phew, I just tested Severed Dreams and Shadow Dancing (two of the battles I like the most), and boy! especially SD is a tough thing. I mean, the Spitfires are nice and I love to kill them, but the Scouts (at one point, 4 of them going after WS 52) have so far proven to be a real pain in the lower backside regions.
The thing is, I manage to avoid their fire for most of the time, but at some point I always end up with few friendly fighters left and all of the Scouts hunting me. Even in a Nial, it's hard to escape this web of fire, and since 2-3 hits are enough to blew you out of the sky...

I get better every time I try, but still, is there some advice you could give me? I really like this mission, but I'd like to see it through ;).
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Re: B5 Star Fury Mission Pack - 12 missions
Flee, flee for your life. . .:warp:
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Re: B5 Star Fury Mission Pack - 12 missions
yeah, that's madaboutgames-design  :rolleyes:
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