Author Topic: Valve Willing to be EA's *****  (Read 2770 times)

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Re: Valve Willing to be EA's *****
Oh? I never had this bug. Except for one concerning an invincible carryall and commando :p

It would spaz out if you gave a "drop" command to a group, where some of them were over terrain where that was physically impossible. End result, you cannot select the transports that couldn't drop, and they just float there, looking stupid, doing nothing. I'm not sure if the AI could still target them, but I know I did try to shoot them down myself just to get rid of the blasted things and it didn't work. (Found this is the GDI Croatia mission I think, killing the Banshee base.)

This was, however, fixed in a patch; I don't know which one, just that it was.
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Re: Valve Willing to be EA's *****
as for loyalists? you cant play dumb dont try it. would you put someone you know will stab you in the back up in a position or would have people who know they trust you? more like a stupid question where you get a stupid answer. you would choose the latter, wouldn't you.
My question was how do you know that's what EA does? How do you that's what every takeover is like? Because from the way you structured you're earlier post, it seems to me that you're saying EA takes over studios that way.
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Re: Valve Willing to be EA's *****
EA does the evil things, moreso than most other companies.  That makes them more evil.  I refuse to buy most Ubisoft games due to their aggressive DRM as well.  Sad, because there's some I'd really like to pay for.  But EA has proven time and again that they care more about their shareholders' pockets than their customers' satisfaction.  Instead of supporting a game, they just release the next buggy incarnation, on the same buggy engine.  Just look at the C&C series.  It's a support joke.  EA really can suck both mah bawls.
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Re: Valve Willing to be EA's *****
Nah. They've been pretty decent lately.

They have a new CEO lately, to be precise. The guy who brought Bioware and Pandemic together (and the reason those two joined EA).