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DLing FSO for another computer
Greetings all!

I’ve stumbled upon FSO sometime last year and DLed the files back then, but suffered a computer crash (good thing actually, rebuilt my Green Phoenix better than before) and never got FSO again. Recently, I moved to a new state (and also back in with my parents…) and lost my DSL connection. I’m on my parents’ computer right now and it’s…not the best of machines and also on a 56k. I hope to get FSO sometime soon again in the future, but I refuse to put AOL onto my computer which leaves me with a slight problem.

Would I be able to download FSO (with all the perks and mediaVPs) onto a separate computer (hopefully onto my girlfriend's semi-decent lappy with a broad band connection in her dorm) and then transfer it via flash drive to my Green Phoenix? If I’m unable to use my GF’s laptop, would I be able to DL it onto my mother’s PC and then flash drive it over to GP?

I ask this only because I read somewhere that the installer scans the computer to make sure you don’t DL anything you can’t use with the sys specs that you have…unless I misinterpreted what I read… Or, maybe someone could suggest another alternative to enjoy FSO?

As a final question, how much disk space is required to install following so I know what to expect.
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Re: DLing FSO for another computer
FS2 is perfectly portable between two machines. There is nothing stopping you downloading the entire game on one machine and then copying the entire FS2 folder to another one. In fact that is the best way to put the game on multiple machines rather than using the online installer multiple times.

The FS2_Open installer doesn't do anything other than download the game as far as I know. All registry settings are made by the launcher so you don't need to worry about those. Make sure you download and copy OpenAL to your machine though.

As for the size, that depends on what you are getting. I use MVE files rather than .oggs so I can't give you an accurate size but from what I hear everything the installer adds works out to around 3GB.
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