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Re: Incoming deadline! MediaVP configuration!
Galemp the end off the month is the deadline for all kinds off models? (I'm asking because the Thoth and the Centaur are both almost finished).  :)


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Re: Incoming deadline! MediaVP configuration!
ooh, are they? ;7

Well, the Thoth is a FS2 ship and would be going into the main VPs, so I really can't help you there. I'd be glad to have the Centaur, though.

The deadline for submission is the end of the month because the new MVPs are most likely going to be out by then. I need to stop feature creep so we have time to test and debug what we have before release.
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Re: Incoming deadline! MediaVP configuration!
Yes, I'd rather have stable MediaVPs than more broken stuff :)
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Re: Incoming deadline! MediaVP configuration!
You get one chocolate chip.

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You get one chocolate chip.

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Re: Incoming deadline! MediaVP configuration!
Bump maybe?

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