Author Topic: FreeSpace 2 Original....or FreeSpace OS ?  (Read 936 times)

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FreeSpace 2 Original....or FreeSpace OS ?
So I just got the itch for some joystick action today and decided to try and finally finish Freespace 2 (I got as far as the mission in the nebula with lots of interference about 3 years ago) and I'm wondering what's the best option - install Freespace 2 from the original CDs....or install FreeSPace OS from this website ? What's the difference ?

<sorry for being such a noob>


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Re: FreeSpace 2 Original....or FreeSpace OS ?
Freespace SCP is the best bet if you like your graphics to be as high quality as possible, but, as far as the main campaign is concerned, gameplay-wise there isn't, or at least there shouldn't be, any difference between the two.

That said, I'd recommend getting SCP, since most of the User-made campaigns on HLP are specifically designed to use features that don't exist in the retail version :)


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Re: FreeSpace 2 Original....or FreeSpace OS ?
If you have the CDs it's convenient to use them. You can later DL the upgrades released by the SCP and install them in an easy way. If you don't have the FS2 CDs then DL everything you need.

Installing FS2 via CDs prevents you from DLing many hundreds of megs.
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Re: FreeSpace 2 Original....or FreeSpace OS ?
Get the SCP and the MediaVPs. Once you get all the features working, you'll be astounded by how good it looks.