Author Topic: 3.6.10 Missing Thrusters for Shivans  (Read 1168 times)

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3.6.10 Missing Thrusters for Shivans
I installed a 3.6.10 build in order to fix some bizarre missing-texture graphics problems I was experiencing in a 3.6.9 build. However, since doing this, none of the Shivan fighters seem to have thruster glows.

My graphics card is an ATI X1600 Pro. I use the OpenGL mode, but this happens in both OpenGL and D3D.

My Media VPs are:
And the MP-710 patch pack for Effects, Adveffects, and Models.

I do have several ship and weapon mods in place (in addition to a downloaded Nebula pack), none of which should even remotely effect the thrusters.

I did a rudimentary search through the forum for anything like this and found nothing. I'd post it on Mantis but, for some reason it won't send me a confirmation e-mail. If anyone can troubleshoot this for me I'd appreciate it.

EDIT: The glitch happens for Shivans and only for Shivans. Vasudan and Terran thrusters are fine. Also, this glitch only manifests itself in 3.6.10. If I revert back to 3.6.9, it goes away.


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Re: 3.6.10 Missing Thrusters for Shivans
Which 3.6.10 build are you using? The recommended one linked in my signature should be a sturdy choice.
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Re: 3.6.10 Missing Thrusters for Shivans
Which 3.6.10 build are you using? The recommended one linked in my signature should be a sturdy choice.

That's the one I installed. I'm gonna hunt around, see if there's a newer batch of Media VP's I can use. In all likelihood it's some goofy incompatibility with my graphics card with a weird solution.

EDIT: OK, this story has gained another plot twist. It seems that only the fighter thrusters are affected.
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Re: 3.6.10 Missing Thrusters for Shivans
Pardon the double-post, but I believe this warrants more than an edit.

I have found the exact source of the problem. Due to the nature of the way I tested this issue, I thought it was only shivan ships. It turns out, it affects all races, and only manifests itself when a ship warps in during a mission. I think the script hiccup is whatever places the thrusters on a ship at the end of the warp effect/animation. Hopefully this will provide adequate information to look for and eliminate the issue.


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Re: 3.6.10 Missing Thrusters for Shivans
I believe I know the problem. Gimme a moment.

Okay. DL the 1119 Shaders set from here and try sticking it in your mediavps folder.
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Re: 3.6.10 Missing Thrusters for Shivans
Whoops, thought I responded to this already...  :nervous:

That fixed it. Thanks for the help, mate.