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x11: unknown xsym.....
hi, I always loved space games and before i found this forum i was ready to spend some €€ and use EVE Online but you saved me!!!  :lol:
i downloaded the open instaaller everything went fine... but now when i start the game i get these errors in the console (i'm using Ubuntu) X11: Unknown xsym, sym = 0x1008ff11 and the sound in game breaks continuasly. any ideas?

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Re: x11: unknown xsym.....
Im also getting the errors X11: Unknown xsym, sym = 0x1008ff12 Anyone know anymore about this?


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Re: x11: unknown xsym.....
Thanks for the necro.  :yes:

We'll wait for the Linux people to stumble upon this thread.
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Re: x11: unknown xsym.....
What build is this with?  What version of SDL do you have?  What language is your keyboard set to in X?

Re: x11: unknown xsym.....
SDL is version 1.2. (im getting this from all the "libsdl" files in synaptic).  I ran the fs2_open-3.6.9 installer, so i guess 3.6.9, and my keyboard is set at en-US. Im running Ubuntu 8.04.

Edit: I upgraded my video drivers to fglrx version 8.9 (from 8.5, which i was using because newer drivers caused problems with wine for me, which now appear to be resolved) and the errors seem to have disappeared.  In-game there was some slight screen tearing and a hiccup, but it seems resolved. I also changed my resolution from 1680x1050 to 1024x768. Im still getting some weird popping noises in my audio, i dont know if it is a related issue or not.
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Re: x11: unknown xsym.....
A friend of mine on Ubuntu has had similar problems with his audio in various games, that seem to come and go with kernel changes.  Although there may be some tweakage you can do to help.
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