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 i just noticed another server up on fs2net, theres 3 from fubar  2 scp and a tbp and a new one ,   Kopax

any one know whose this one is ? its marked 3.6.10....
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That's mine, I have no idea if it works, I've been trying to get it to if you've looked at the sticky thread. Let me know if you can connect to it or not

I'd change my forum login to Kopax if I could lol, I hate this one, made it 7 years ago when I thought dragons were cool...  :drevil:



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Tried it out tonight and it works just fine.
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Sweet thanks, appreciate it... turned out it was most likely forcing the IP that screwed it up(even though it was my correct external one), not sure if there's something in the code that's causing it though.