Author Topic: Raise you glass to the SCP crew  (Read 1308 times)

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Raise you glass to the SCP crew
They've been putting quite a bit of hard work into getting multiplayer fixed.  Hosted several games tonight without a crash in debug mode no doubt.  And it's not just FS2; fixes for TBP are also coming along.  So if you like multi give them a well deserved  :yes:

Forgot to mention that was with me running the MediaVPs and the clients running either the VPs or Retail.
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Re: Raise you glass to the SCP crew
I ran the stand  alone with retail yesterday. I got a couple of warnings but nothing worse. I'm going to keep plugging away at it tonight.
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Re: Raise you glass to the SCP crew
Hear hear.  Everyone's been doing a great job.  The amount of green (resolved) bugs on Mantis is growing all the time.
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Re: Raise you glass to the SCP crew
i raise a beer to all who have put so much hard work into making this a reality........
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