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(I'll be posting this on a few Trek sites for feedback.)

Seeing how the Gundam/macross mod is doing a good transition from Zero Hour to C&C3, I suddenly remembered Star Trek New Worlds RTS. (and how horribly it sucked.)

With a lot of the newer content from other Trek games not simply starship oriented, I was wondering if a Mod for Trek could be fun to play for C&C3?

Of course the most important aspect would be WHY? How can you get away from the starship part of Trek?

Well, by going by some of the episodes of the various series when people were left on their own.
Like the DS9 ep holding action by Macos on the planet full of Jem Ha'dar.

Now for missions, maybe with just slight change in narration/maps we can make it seem liek there is a real cmpaign whe it's not much more than window dressing.

For how you represent the Federation I was thinking a sort of "Explorer Corps". So the head guy can be a SF officer, but doesn't have a crap load of resources or ships he can call in. Like one ship to get his resources IN theater and then the rest is up to him to build an infrastructure/defenses to accomplish the goal for that particular mission:

Goals could be:
Gather X amount of Dilithium ( for the war effort?)
Eliminate any other forces with prejudice
Find a crashed vessel or Sat
Build an advanced listening post (possibly at a certain location)
Capture a new resource
Liberate a POW/detention/labor camp
Free the locals from occupation
Investigate a planetary anomoly
Secure alien tech just discovered in ruins for study.

These are jsut some basic ideas I thought up at work the other day.
Basicly the Mod would have all the existing units of a typical faction (like GDI) replaced with a Trek equivalent, throw some music in and some effects, new voices and boom a new basic mod done.

Any thoughts on this concept?

Logical factions could be mainly : Klingons, Roms, Cardassians, and Dominion.
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