Author Topic: The Greenness of the Terrans?  (Read 7937 times)

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Re: The Greenness of the Terrans?
The ultimate monument to that kind of AI stupidity is the Inferno "knock out Diablo's forward beam cannon" scene.

Who would be dumb enough to fly in the firing line of a massive super Shivan beam cannnon? Leave the flying to those who can . . .


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Re: The Greenness of the Terrans?
...I remember dying from that thing once or twice... :nervous:


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Re: The Greenness of the Terrans?
When I get killed by that, its at long range, I somehow manage to get hit by it...


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Re: The Greenness of the Terrans?
I thought that beam only fires once, and if it does fire more than once, it'll always target the Independence, so don't fly in between both ships (more of to the side).
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