Author Topic: Docked with the NTC Alexandria?  (Read 3577 times)

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Re: Docked with the NTC Alexandria?
I couldn't model a cube if my life depended on it, so he was barking up the wrong tree if he thought I made it. :p Maybe he thinks/knows I have a particular campaign that uses it lying around, but I wouldn't know which one.

I think it was you. Maybe it was Bomber though. :p
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Re: Docked with the NTC Alexandria?
It was for my campaign, Heroes for Hire, which has been quite dead for some time.

I'll dig up the VP and just upload the whole shebang as a modeldump. It'll be at least a week, though.
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Re: Docked with the NTC Alexandria?
And, since I'm talking about the transports in that mission, I might as well ask: what's up with Snipes telling me to call in the transport when ready right AFTER I called it in?

So yeah, that seems kind of odd.

He tells me to do so BEFORE I call it in. Actually, I think he just says his lines anyway on a set time, regerdless if you have already called it in or not.

I guess it's rather hard to see on sensors, and rather hard to get a visual, too.


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Re: Docked with the NTC Alexandria?
Maybe we're not talking about the same thing... he tells you to call in a transport, and then when you call in the Elysium transport, he tells you again phrased slightly differently.


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Re: Docked with the NTC Alexandria?
Probably meant as a "C'mon biatch. There's smoke 'n lightning 'n Shivans here. What's taking you so long? Call the damn thing!" sort of comment. Regardless of the method used to implement it.
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