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You can attach a screenshot to a forum reply.  Use the full reply page, not the quick reply box.

Thank you, Goober. I'll get you those screenshots tonight after I'm done with work.
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- Not sure if this is a quirk of how pilot files work or how campaign files work, but on my latest playthrough, I was awarded the Triple Ace upon completing Silence All Voices (with 400+ kills).  :P

- In Cloak and Dagger, all of the transports arrive at the same time, take roughly the same amount of time to pick up their cargo, and all have the same departure point. They fly in such tight formation that they're constantly rubbing and scraping against each other, and when they try to jump out, they'll "ricochet" off each other, which gives them some zany jump trajectories.
We have returned to continue our purification of this galaxy. It is again your turn to be crushed beneath the great force that is the Antaran army. All your petty squabbling with the other beings in this galaxy is meaningless. The Antaran fleet will destroy you all, one by one. You may not surrender. You cannot win. Your only option is death.