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Re: Far Cry 2, Worth Buying?

I've recently purchased this game but am getting random CTD with no errors after about an hour of playing. Had a look about and seems to be fairly common problem but cant seem to find any solutions. Has anyone here had similar problems and were they able to fix this as its really starting to piss me off, especially when on missions, been driving for ages, get to location, crashes and have to start all over again!  :hopping: :hopping: :hopping:
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Re: Far Cry 2, Worth Buying?
I did decide to get it and got it from a seller on Ebay for a total of $14.00 brand new. I am glad I ignored the warnings some have given because I am having a blast with this game. Yes it is repetitive, there is very little story, the guards do respawn, and everyone wants to kill you. But for some reason I can enjoy these so called bad points. I love sneaking into a camp or checkpoint in the middle of the night, lighting something on fire, and watching the whole camp burn to the ground. I have updated to 1.02 and have yet to experience any bugs.