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New Member Having Problem Finding dl link
S :)Hi I hope I am posting this in the right place if not am am sorry. I am a new member and can't seem to find download link to Babylon game. I have clicked on several links with no success.Could someone please give me the link and let me know if Babylon will play by itself or do I need to dl some other files. I was wondering why Giveaway Games are not posted in the same area as Giveaway programs. It appears you must go to another website to find games.As I said i am new.Please let me know how to navigate and find the download link to Babylon 5 looks like a great game. Also if I am posting in the wrong section please let me know. I know it is difficult sometimes to deal with new members but I am ready and willing to learn from all the experts. Thank you look forward to answers!! :) :)J


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01:10 < achillion > I was not

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15:51 < Achillion> yes
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Re: New Member Having Problem Finding dl link
Well I don't know what the issue is for you but I just checked all the DVD links in this thread:,56246.0.html

And they all work.

I also checked the links for the TBP Installer in this thread:,51780.0.html

And they all work.

Finally I checked all the links fo the Campaign Pack in this thread:,57216.0.html

The filefront link is dead but the rapidshare and moddb links are good, so I hate to say it but the problem is most likely on your end.  99% of the links are up and ready, not to mention the torrents are active too.

Good luck in getting it, I hope you can.  :nod:

hip63 :p
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Re: New Member Having Problem Finding dl link

While the campaign SHOULD be selected automatically if you install the campaign pack before starting the first time, you can always alter the currently active campaign via main menu -> Campaigns
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Re: New Member Having Problem Finding dl link
Download links are on the Official home page here.

Be warned: This site's admins stole 100s of hours of my work. They will do it to you.